E-Magazine -Spectrum : The Measure of Progress

About Spectrum

The college E-magazine ' Spectrum: The Measure of Progress' was introduced in the academic year 2015-16. The goal of "Spectrum" is to unlock students' potential and provide a platform to express and exchange their ideas, knowledge, and information about current trends in innovation, science and technology. The main aim of Spectrum is to raise awareness and keep faculty members and students updated with the latest developments in science and technology.

Spectrum invites scientific articles, scholarly literature, reviews, short communications and case studies and publishes biannually.

Scope of Spectrum: It includes recent advances and major scientific and technological developments in the areas of science, including life science and biological science, physical science, chemical science, computer science, mathematical science, environmental science, food science and literature.

Who can submit: Interested faculty members, Ph.D. research scholars, and UG, PG, and PG diploma students (under the guidance of concerned faculty members) can submit the article.

Submission guidelines: Submission: Authors are requested to submit their articles electronically in MS Word (word limit of 800-1,000 words), with a brief profile of the author, e-mail ID, and contact number, along with a passport-sized photograph (scanned for e-mail).

The article should be sent by e-mail at spectrumnvpas@gmail.com

From the Chief Editor's Desk

Over the years, ‘SPECTRUM’ has paved the way for veteran as well as budding scholars to express their knowledge, information and views on various issues pertaining to science, technology and fiction. Moreover, it highlights achievements and incessant growth of the institute.

I heartily congratulate the editorial team for putting in concerted efforts to make ‘SPECTRUM’ so appealing to its readers.

Thanks and good luck!


Editorial Board

Chief Editor : Dr. Basudeb Bakshi, Principal , Email: principal@nvpas.edu.in

Executive Editor : Dr. Pratibha Parihar , Assistant Professor(BT/GT/BNF Dept), Email: pratibha@nvpas.edu.in

Associate Editor(s) : Mr. Kartik Jagtap , Assistant Professor- English Dept,Email: kartik@nvpas.edu.in and
Dr. Monika Patel , Assistant Professor Computer Science Dept,Email:monika@nvpas.edu.in

Sectional Editor(s) : Dr. Bhavin Patel ,Assistant Professor - Chemistry Dept,Email:bhavin@nvpas.edu.in

Dr. Mehul Dave- Assistant Professor , Physics Dept,Email:mehul@nvpas.edu.in

Dr. Shreekant Pathak Assistant Professor , Maths Dept,Email:shreekant@nvpas.edu.in