Sr. No. Cells Co-ordinator
01  Internal Quality Assurance Cell  Dr. Rita N. Kumar
02  Admission Counselling Cell  Mr. Mayur Patel
 Dr. Himanshu Trivedi
03  Student Counselling Cell    &
 College Women Development Cell
 Dr. Shweta Joshi
04  Training and Placement Cell  Dr. Bhavin Patel
05  Entrance Exam Preparation Cell
 Dr. Kundankumar Mishra
06  Grievance and Redressal Cell (Faculty/Student)  Dr. Shreya Shah
07  Anti-Ragging Cell  Dr. Ketul Patel
08  Anti-Tobacco Cell  Dr. Kundankumar Mishra
09  Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism  Dr. Shreya Shah
10  Comittee for ST/SC  Dr. Shweta Joshi
11  Equal Oppurtunity Facilities Cell  Dr. Shweta Joshi