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PG Diploma Courses Admission 2020-21


PG Diploma Courses:(Offered from Academic year 2020-21 onwards under CVM University)

1. P.G. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. (Eligibility : B.Sc. (chemistry/ Industrial chemistry/Biological Sciences,Duration: 1 Year)

About the Program:

The importance of Analytical chemistry is the determination of the chemical composition of matter. However, the identification of a substance, the elucidation of its structure and quantitative analysis of its composition are the aspects covered by modern analytical chemistry. It is an interdisciplinary branch of science wherein a large number of research workers have contributed to its development.   The importance of analytical chemistry is of many applications they are as follows. No other branch of science finds so many extensive applications as analytical chemistry purely for two reasons: Firstly, the importance of Analytical chemistry we  find numerous applications in various disciplines of chemistry such as inorganic, organic, physical and biochemistry and secondly it finds wide applications in other fields of related sciences such as environmental science, agricultural science, biomedical and clinical chemistry, solid state research and electronics, oceanography, and space research. The objective of this P.G. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry is:

i) To develop an understanding of the range and uses of analytical methods in chemistry.

ii) To develop an understanding of the broad role of the chemist in measurement and problem solving for analytical tasks.

iii) To provide an understanding of chemical methods employed for elemental and compound analysis.

iv) To prepare young chemist compatible to serve at Industry with QC/ QA/ R&D departments.

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  • 2. P.G. Diploma in Pharma Analysis and Quality Assurance. (Eligibility : Candidates with B.Sc./M.Sc. in: Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Genetics/ Bioinformatics/ Chemistry/ Pharmaceutical chemistry/ Food Biotechnology/ Food &Nutrition/ B.Tech Dairy Technology/ Food Sciences/ Botany/ Zoology/ Agriculture/Life Sciences , Duration 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    World Health Organization (WHO) has directed all the governments’ worldwide, to make sure that the drugs devices and processed food made should meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and efficacy. The basic goal of quality control is to ensure that the products, services, or processes provided meet specific requirements and are dependable, satisfactory, and fiscally sound. Safety Regulations in India has reached global standards with the introduction of Safety and Standards Act 2006 in the year 2011. With this, requirement of adequately trained manpower to be a part of Food and pharmaceutical Safety Quality Assurance and Regulatory Systems has increased immensely. With the enormous expansion of these sectors  (Manufacturing, retail distribution and hospitality sector) and customer awareness, safety and quality assurance has become a very vital hitch to be addressed in the current decade. This has opened an enormous job opportunities for adequately trained human resource in the area. In view of this, for the first time in Gujarat, Post Graduate Diploma course (One year – Full time) on Food Safety and Quality Assurance in Food Industry will be offered by Charyutar Vidya Mandal University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, under the innovative programmes scheme.

    The  P.G Diploma programme is intended to prepare Food Scientists, Food Engineers, Microbiologists, Biotechnologist, Chemist, Pharmacist  and others with appropriate scientific backgrounds for active job opportunities in food safety and quality assurance, monitoring and certification process in the food industry and in the Government. The course provides an outline of State-Of-Art theoretical information and practical experience, directly and indirectly related to a better understanding of food safety problems, their origin and solutions. The program is framed for transmission of both knowledge and know-how of local importance and global significance to the students.

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  • 3. P.G. Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics. (Eligibility : Candidates with B.Sc./M.Sc. in : Biotechnology/Botany/Zoology/Biochemistry/Microbiology/Genetics/Agriculture/Veterinary Science/Pharmacy,Duration: 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    Molecular Diagnostics is a fascinating and applied field involving various molecular techniques to analyze molecular markers in an individual’s genetic code for various inheritable disorders and also detection of various pathogens and their sub strains for accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The next generation diagnosis of diseases, their inheritance pattern, causes and treatment will be based on molecular approaches and the process has already started in India as well western countries. As NVPAS is always a trend setter and has a testimony of offering advanced courses for career and societal needs, this PG Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics is useful for Undergraduates with Biotechnology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and other allied life science fields to make themselves ready to explore this fascinating career avenue.

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  • 4. P.G. Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS. (Eligibility : Any Science/Engineering Graduate/Post Graduate students or any other equivalent Graduation/Post-graduation in Science/Engineering. , Duration: 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    The advancements in computer based image processing techniques have made satellite observations accessible to universities, resource agencies, environmental companies and even individuals in their personal computers. The rapid growth of internet connectivity has boosted GIS(Geographical Information System) assisted management systems and industries. The arena of GIS has now expanded its horizons to scientific explorations due to its applications in agriculture, urban planning, communication networking, resource management, disaster management, weather forecasting etc. and cartography at large. This has given rise to the demand of many computer-skilled personnel with basic science knowledge.

    This course aims at training the science graduates to acquire required computer skills related to GIS and to apply their scientific knowledge-base in the various industrial and service sectors so that they can get employment in many government and private sectors. The course encompasses the advanced topics like Basic concepts of Remote Sensing, Cartography, Photogrammetry, Digital Image Processing, GIS and its Applications, etc.

    The course work includes Intensive Project Work in both the semesters in Collaboration with Space Applications Centre(SAC), ISRO, Ahmedabad, and a Practical training on GIS Application Software. The course offers wide job opportunities in State and National Centers affiliated to State and Central Government, Urban Planning and Development Departments of Public Administration, Resource and Disaster Management Departments, Research Centers associated with DoS and MoES, IMD stations/laboratories across India, In GIS companies as Infrastructure analyst, GIS Administrator, Geospatial Developer, Jr. GIS Analyst, Field Operators, etc.

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  • 5. P.G. Diploma in Industrial Automation. (Eligibility : Any Science/Engineering Graduate/Post Graduate students or any other equivalent graduation/post-graduation in Science/Engineering , Duration: 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    The one year Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Automation and Control as widely seen in factories of all types both for discrete and continuous manufacturing. The course discusses a wide range of related topics from the advantage and architecture of automation systems, process instrumentation ,industrial parameters, measurement systems including sensors and signal conditioning, discrete and continuous variable control systems, PLC, SCADA, industrial communication, HMI, etc. The objective of course is to train the science/engineering graduates/postgraduates to apply their learning in the field of industrial/plant automation. Intensive practical as well project works will be taught to the students in both the semesters of the course.

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  • 6. P.G. Diploma in Bioinformatics. (Eligibility : Candidates with B.Sc./M.Sc. in: Biotechnology/Bioinformatics/Computer Science/Botany/BCA/ Zoology/Genetics/Biochemistry/Environmental Sciences/Microbiology/Agriculture/Veterinary Science/Pharmacy., Duration: 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    The current crisis has reiterated the fact that healthcare and life sciences is the biggest opportunity for a developing country like India. Bioinformatics  is  a  newly  emerging  branch  in  the  field  of  life  science and health care. Bioinformatics  is  information  technology  applied  to  the  management  and  analysis  of biological  data  with  the  aid  of  computers.    It  is  a  field  in  which  biological  information  is collected,  compared, studied  and  analysed  to  find  the  interrelation  between  them  for  solving  structural, functional  and  evolutionary  problems  using  computational  technologies. Keeping this view  in  mind  Post  Graduate Diploma  Course  in  Bioinformatics is planned.  After  completing  this  one  year  diploma  course students  can  be  employed in  any  national/multinational  drug  designing pharmaceutical  company, Biotechnology, Genomics, Proteomics and IT companies.  This course is expected to bring direct benefit to students in strengthening their knowledge to do research in the area of life sciences. This course will definitely help:

    i) To develop an skilled manpower to work in bioinformatics industry, academia and research institution.

    ii) In protein structure prediction and gene prediction methods.

    iii) In drug designing and vaccine development.

    iv) To open new opportunities in health science like Clinical bioinformatics, medical informatics etc.

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  • 7. P.G. Diploma in Computer Science.(Eligibility : Any Graduate , Duration: 1 Year)

    About the Program:

    In this age and time, knowledge of the computer science is the first and foremost requirement. Nowadays, for any simple work, use of computer is essential for everyone, ranging from handling a bank account to getting reservations, or retrieving any information by searching the internet. If a student is properly educated and trained, this knowledge provides good job opportunities also. The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) is designed for students with a degree who are interested in computer science. The broad objective of the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) programme is to prepare graduate students for productive careers in software industry. The programme‘s thrust is on giving the students a thorough and sound background in theoretical and application-oriented courses relevant to the latest computer software development. The programme emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications networking and commercial problems. This PG Diploma is a stand-alone programme consists of  50 credits. It has been designed with a semester approach in mind. The courses are aimed at skill development in computers using various technologies. It prepares the student to aim for a programmer level / web developer in a software company to design and develop small business application software or lab personnel / technician in institutions or a freelancer to develop software projects.

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