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B.Sc. FT (Bachelor of Science - Food Technology) :

About B.Sc. FT :

Food Technology allow its learner to get acquainted with food processing technologies which improve food quality, nutritive value, enhance the food safety, wholesomeness & proper food supply. This course also includes manufacturing methods, processing, preservation and different way of packaging technologies.

Food scientists do research to bring better nutrition for health benefits and shelf life of the product. It also focuses on study of characteristics of food, its nutritional composition, chemical and physical reactions that change take place while processing and storage.

He/she will be sensitized to follow the rules and regulations of government associates’ like HACCP AND FSSAI which involved the safety and regulatory aspects. After completion of this course. Studying food science provides you with the scientific and technical skills needed for a wide range of careers in the food and drink industry, as well as in public health, nutrition and research.

F. Y. B.Sc. FT(1st Semester) Eligibility Criteria

Students intending to take admission to F. Y. B. Sc.FT must have passed Higher Secondary Examination (12th Science Group "A" & "B" , Home Science with Foods and Nutrition) with English (Compulsory).


B.Sc. FT : 3 YEARS


For Diploma to Degree Admission directly at S. Y. B.Sc. FT(3rd Semester) Eligibility Criteria

Students intending to take admission to S. Y. B. Sc.FT must have passed Diploma in Agro Processing / Food Technology and Nutrition with English (Compulsory).


B.Sc. FT : 2 YEARS

B.Sc. FT [HONS] :3 YRS

Course Structure [As per NEP 2020] Effective from A.Y. BATCH 2023-24


  • 101050101 - Fundamentals of Food Technology
  • 101050102 - General Microbiology
  • 101050103 - Basic Nutrition - I
  • 101050104 - General Chemistry
  • 101000112 - Communication Skills in English - I
  • 101000113 - Information and Communication Technology - I
  • 100009901 - Indian Ethos and Value System