B.Sc. - M.Sc. in Molecular Biology Dual Degree.(Offered from Academic year 2020-21 onwards under CVM University)

Eligibility : 12th Science Bology/Maths from any recognized board.

The fast pace of modern molecular biology research is driven by intellectual inquisitiveness and major challenges in medicine, agriculture, and industry. There is intense public interest in the Genome Projects, genetic analysis and genetic engineering, due in part to fascination with how our own genes influence our lives. With this fast pace of discovery CVM University has decided to start five years integrated/dual degree program in Molecular Biology. The curriculum is made with a view to impart detailed knowledge in the field Molecular Biology to students to make them understand gene regulation at all levels, and the structure-function relationships of nucleic acids and proteins. This course will help to acquire critical, analytical and problem solving skills for various issues at molecular level of living world like finding out the causes and remedies of incurable diseases their rapid diagnosis and treatment, to increase the crop yield and industrial production of important vaccine, antibiotics, gene specific drug, enzymes etc by manipulating specific gene. The theory and practical sessions augment their ability to understand the implications of the scientific and technical approaches involved in this domain of knowledge, enabling to mold them into prospective skillful scientific workforce for the future.

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