Madhyastha Samiti Activities 2018-2019

21/06/2018 - NSS-International YOGA Day Celebration

19/07/2018 - NSS-Orientation of Blood Donation and Thalassemia Awareness

25/07/2018- Environment Awareness Program

1/8/2018-Fine Arts - Poster Making Competition

01/08/2018-Creative Expression-Essay Writing Competition

02/08/2018-NSS-Thalassemia Screening

2/8/2018-Women Development Cell-Expert Talk

3/8/2018-Film Club - Documentary on Water Conservation

07/08/2018 - Madhyastha Samiti & NSS-Parampara

08/08/2018-NSS-Essay Writing Competition

08/08/2018-NSS-Visit to Rajyasabha , New Delhi

09/08/2018-NSS-Blood Donation

13/8/2018-WDC-Poster & Petrotic Song Compeitition

15/8/2018-Independance Day Celebration

23/8/2018-MBT-Fresher's Party Div A,C

23/8/2018- Anti Tobacco Cell-Lecture & Scitoon Making

20/8/2018- Nature Club-Tiger Elephant Oranguntang Day

05/09/2018-MBT-Teacher's Day Celebration

04/10/2018-Article Exibition

09/10/2018-MBT-Ratri Before Navaratri Celebration

19/10/2018-NSS-Ekta Yatra – Visit to Sardar Patel’s Home

30/10/2018-NSS-Sardar Patel Jayanti Celebration

16/12/2018 to 22/12/2018-NSS-Annual NSS Camp

03/01/2019-NSS-Blood donation Camp

9/01/2019-Sports Day Celebration

22/01/2019-WDC-Session on Internet and Social Media Privacy and Security

24/01/2019-Fine Arts-Best out of Waste

31/01/2019-KSF-Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0

8/01/2019-KSF-Oral Presentation on I am a Problem Solver